A funding scandal is about to engulf the Black Lives Matter movement, a diverse informal network of activists, NGOs, foundations and unaffiliated protesters who are behind the civil rights protests of our era.

The kindling for the eruption was laid in a recent Associated Press article entitled: “AP Exclusive: Black Lives Matter opens up about its finances.” The article revealed that The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation raised $90 million in 2020. This significant sum understandably surprised many activists in the diffuse movement that began many years ago and recently experienced a rebirth during the George Floyd protests.

This week, in the midst of the Hashmasks frenzy, a ConsenSys backed company quietly dropped EulerBeats, “an ultra scarce collection of 27 art + music originals.” Each original is a non-fungible token (NFT) that stores a unique song and animation eternally on the Ethereum blockchain. This alone is a technical breakthrough. EulerBeats went one step further. Not content to simply pioneer a new genre of NFTs, EulerBeats also programmed each NFT with a novel economics that is destined to spark skyrocketing value.

EulerBeats will soon attract immense attention from musicians, the music industry (producers, record labels, etc), NFT collectors and…

Hashmasks are the future and you saw it here first.

Last week, an anonymous collective of artists released Hashmasks, a set of 16,384 “unique digital portraits” that are now permanently stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Hashmasks landed during the boom in the market cap of many DeFi projects—and most attention was, and is, firmly fixated on the financial sector within the cryptocurrency economy—and yet, even by DeFi standards, Hashmasks was a prodigal success: raising more than $14 million with a refreshing, authentic aesthetic. Single hashmasks have since sold for as high as $650,000. See current market action at OpenSea.

To tell you the truth, my imagination has been captured by…

Hashmasks are still keeping me awake at night, here’s why…

The purpose of this article is to briefly explain why Hashmasks will inevitably attract the keenest players in the DeFi world. Having honed their craft in the cut throat world of trading on decentralized exchanges—arbitrage, front running bots, leverage and a whole plethora of secret tricks—these well capitalized whales will find profit in applying their crypto-native mindset and DeFi skillset to trading Hashmasks. Their presence will increase the value of Hashmasks at the same time as it influences how the Hashmasks game is played.

This article is for an intermediate audience that understands the basics of Hashmasks. …

In this excerpt from The End of Protest, the author compares the tactics of rioting and ambushing and argues in favor of the ambush when confronting the police.

TL;DR version:

“Rather than trying to overcome police repression in a series of successful protests, activists should aspire to a dramatic victory in a single encounter. A video of a stunning victory against paramilitary police could mobilize the world. This victory does not need to be violent. In fact, a spectacular and humiliating non-violent defeat of riot police would be far more effective.”

Full version:


The closest a spontaneous riot has come…

It was a surreal experience to hand this candidly written activist manifesto to a few of the world’s most powerful people at the World Economic Forum in Davos. My intention in drafting this strategy briefing was to lay out in the most direct way possible what is at stake both for activists and elites in a united front for climate action. I’ve taken it to the Forum and I’m taking it to Extinction Rebellion.

Now I want to know: is this something that you could get behind?


What we need

The 2020s will be defined by the collective race to…

A firestorm of criticism from across the political spectrum was ignited by the news that I had accepted an invitation to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, one of the most elite gatherings of corporate CEOs and world leaders. Now I’m headed to London to meet with a few founders of the Extinction Rebellion, one of the most influential climate protest movements.

Knowing only of my journey to Davos, my activist peers on the left ridiculed me as naive, reactionary and a sell-out. Those on the right cited my acceptance as proof that radical activists only critique elites because…

When I received the invitation to the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, my first reaction was embarrassment at the thought that my activist peers would find out. For practically every profession, from corporate CEO to philanthropist and artist to world leader, attending Davos is a coveted proof of success in their field. Not so for contemporary activists like myself who have spent their lives organizing unruly protests against powerful elites. …

By the end of 2029, humanity’s destiny will be decided. Activists and social movements will play a key role in the outcome of events.

Here’s six ways we’ll be doing activism differently in the 2020s:

Ecology: the final mobilization

The 2020s will be defined by the collective race to drastically reduce global carbon emissions by 7.6% a year, for ten years, to avoid climate chaos. This practically impossible task will require a suspension of the status quo in order to facilitate tremendous collective actions, such as planting one trillion trees.

There will be widespread acceptance that only an alliance between social movements and elites is capable of mobilizing sufficient numbers of people, and equipping them with resources to carry out the necessary transformation of everyday life.

The class conflict between rich and poor will be superseded by a civil…

Micah White with Amir Taaki in Osaka, Japan at DevCon5

I recently chatted with Amir Taaki, a legendary activist and programmer known for developing darkweb marketplaces and joining the Rojava revolution in Syria. We spoke about “Crypto for Activism”—the revolutionary potential of cryptocurrencies and what the crypto community can learn from activism. Watch our conversation and read the transcript below. May this inspire your crypto-activism!

Click to watch full video of Micah and Amir at DevCon5


Micah White: All right. Hello, my name is Micah White, and this is Amir Taaki. And we are doing a session on crypto for activism. I want to explain first the format that we’re going to do. It’s going to be a little bit more interactive than some of the sessions that you’ve had so far. So I’m going to give a 10 minute brief introduction to some ideas about activism in crypto. Then, Amir and I are going to have an on-stage discussion for about 20 minutes. And…

Micah White, PhD

I change the world by changing protest. Learn more at micahmwhite.com and activistschool.org

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