Introducing dETH — The Undead Ethereum Token

Micah White, PhD
2 min readOct 9, 2019

dETH is a Halloween experiment on the blockchain: a new token that represents the death of ether.

Put simply, dETH is a provably dead token.


ETH sent to this smart contract is irrevocably killed and removed from the
economy. It is not just burned, it is dead.

This is accomplished by transferring ETH to Hades, a self-destructing
smart contract that sends ETH to itself during self-destruction. The dead
eth isn’t just inaccessible, it literally ceases to exist.


Get dETH by sending .01 ETH or more to 0xF1ADc3C1cfD4181312185D9Ef3fbe3CE1a7cdE4e

Important: include a gas limit of least 150,000.


The price of dETH increases by .1% with each purchase from this smart contract.

This simple bonding curve incentives destroying large amounts of ETH in each
transaction to lock-in the lowest possible price.

Plus, receive a 30% bonus by destroying 3 eth or more.

3 eth is the block reward in Ethereum and by destroying more than 3 eth in a
single transaction, you are removing more ether from the economy than is created.


Making a large mint and then making many small mints will drive the price
up for others.

The price doubles every 1000 times dETH has been minted.


There is a .01 eth fee for minting dETH. This is paid to Charon to cross the
River Styx into Hades. All eth collected by Charon is converted into Sparkle,
a redistributive currency.

Pro-tip: Share in Charon’s profits by buying Sparkle.

The fee is the same regardless of the amount of dETH minted. This further
incentives destroying large amounts of ETH in each transaction.



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