Introducing: Klima the world’s first carbon currency

Micah White, PhD
3 min readSep 26, 2021

The perfect currency should be regenerative for our planet by pricing in the cost of carbon.

Klima DAO will demonstrate how a new monetary system — powered by decentralised governance and smart contracts — can be built that explicitly prices in carbon and generates value creation opportunities for its users. The economies of the 21st Century have to figure out how to reward and build on pro-climate activity and investment, not penalise it.

This is our contribution.

The chief problem with cryptocurrencies is the learning curve. The technology is both immensely complex and quickly evolving. To grok crypto in late-2021, you’ve got to understand blockchain and smart contracts and basic DeFi and then you have to keep up with onslaught of innovations. None of this is easy, so most people don’t bother.

Crypto has traditionally attracted those whose chief motivation is financial rewards, technological challenges or both. Lately, artists too have found a place in the crypto community with the rise of NFTs.

But there is one community that has consistently been left out: activists, organizers, protesters and all those whose primary passion is transformative social change. Not motivated to learn about crypto, most activists haven’t bothered to.

Until now, that is.

A decade since the birth of Bitcoin, there is now a cryptocurrency that demands the attention of every activist (today and right now!) to make an effort to understand it.

That’s because this cryptocurrency — Klima — is the apex of environmental activism.

Meet Klima: The Perfect (Activist) Currency

Klima is the world’s first “carbon currency” — a cryptocurrency backed by carbon offsets. Moreover, thanks to the technomagic of smart contracts, Klima algorithmically incentivizes locking more and more carbon offsets into the protocol’s treasury. The end result is a virtuous circle: a currency that absorbs carbon.

In their words:

Klima DAO argues that […] the perfect currency should be […] regenerative for our planet by pricing in the cost of carbon. Centuries of not pricing in the cost of carbon have meant that we are in a dangerous position ecologically, moving the dial on climate action is



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